Welcome to Kevin’s Concealment Holsters, where I make available the wallet holsters and vertical gun packs that have worked for me for years.



As a concealed pistol license holder, I’ve found it very hard to find concealed carry options that really worked for me. No matter what I used, there was always some shortcoming that wouldn’t go away. Thus, I created my own wallet holsters and vertical gun packs to solve those problems, and now I offer them to you. These aren’t suitable options for everyone, but they will provide good carry options for a great many people. Hopefully you’ll be one of them.

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Kevin’s Wallet Holster

These full-concealment wallet holsters are intended for use in places where your primary concern is not having it noticed. Its PATENTED design will ensure you have something instead of nothing in the event of a workplace violence incident or something similar. Made especially for the wildly popular micro .380 pistols, we have wallet holsters available for most popular models, including models with lasers. Also coming into production are wallet holsters for micro 9mm pistols.

Kevin’s Vertical Gun Pack

Kevin’s Vertical Gun Pack is a side-carry pack worn on the hip. It serves the same function as the old fanny pack holsters that no one dares to wear anymore, except that it comes with no social stigma issues. Large sizes can carry a full size pistol, with weapon light even, and comes with magazine pouches in the front compartment. After using this holster myself for years, I can tell you it scarcely draws a second glance. Available on a limited basis until we get production ramped up.

So please look at the links above and see if these holsters are what you’ve been looking for! Click here to purchase your concealment holster!

SCAM SITE ALERT:  Internet fraudsters have begun to copy my listings and use them on fake ecommerce sites.  One site currently using them is www.fadwells.top, another is weggashop.top.  DO NOT BUY FROM THESE SITES.  As near as I can tell these sites exist only to steal your credit card numbers.  The only places I currently sell are this site kevinsconcealment.com, Ebay at http://stores.ebay.com/kevinsconcealment, Amazon under “Kevin’s Concealment Holsters” and Etsy at www.etsy.com/shop/KevinsConcealment.  Any other venues I begin to sell in will be listed here, and you can always call me to verify at 206 375-0533.  If you have mistakenly made a purchase from a site like this, please contact me about it and I will do what I can to help.