Help Wanted – Production Sewer – Tacoma

Production Sewer Needed – Tacoma/Puyallup Area

I’ve recently invented and filed a patent for a gun pouch system.  The design and construction will be of a very simple nature.  I myself am not a sewer however so I need to hire one to do my production.  The position will be part-time to begin with, hopefully developing into full-time depending on how the product sells.

The ideal candidate will be qualified to help with working out the bugs in the design and creating patterns.  Upon creating patterns, the candidate will be able to produce the product for me.  Short turnaround times are important, so if you’re already swamped with work I probably can’t use your help.

To begin with at least, the candidate should be set up to work at home as an independent contractor.  As sales increase it is my hope to open a production shop and hire regular employees, but the first step here is to get an initial production run completed and the product up for sale.  As sales increase it is my hope to turn this into a full-time position, and possibly even a supervisor position if more employees are needed.  This invention has innumerable possible applications, and this is a ground-floor opportunity.

As some versions of this pouch are made to be installed in the user’s clothing, the candidate will need to be able to handle installation as well.  And while you are working from home at least I will be happy to send you that business, provided you can do it with reasonable turnaround times.

If interested please send either your business info, or resume with references to me at k.schmadeka at